Our BMAT resources and tuition are led by a Cambridge medic who sat the 2020 exam and scored 7.9, 6.9 and 4A in sections 1, 2 and 3 respectively. We're here to get you an amazing score that'll secure your place in medical school!

There's no better way to start your practice than with A Little Patients. We have designed tailored packages based on our experience, with the goal of getting you into the top 10% (or even higher), like we did. 

BMAT requirements get higher each year: Imperial used to use a cut-off of 8.7 (2020) but this jumped to 10.9 (2021)

It's a competitive exam since a large proportion of test takers are Oxbridge applicants.

With entrance exam scores making or breaking your chance at medical school, stand out amongst the fierce competition by scrolling below and choosing the best option for you!

How can BMAT Tuition help you Ace your Exam?

  • Based on individual areas to improve

  • Constant contact with your tutors

  • Practice sessions, assessing progress at each checkpoint

  • In-depth teaching from those who took the test during the 2021 and 2022 application cycle

  • Recorded Zoom conferences available to watch back

  • All BMAT Success Seminars included (over 3 hours of teaching)

  • We also give personalised advice leading up to your exam based on our test experience so you won't have to look anywhere else

  • Options for timeframes that suit your needs

  • Led by a Cambridge medical student with 2 years of tutoring experience, our tuition is the most affordable price for the quality of tuition, with other companies charging over £70 per hour

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Want this to be your Medical School? Our lessons will make the journey easier!

Why are our Success Seminars the best Foundation to BMAT Preparation?

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Instead of watching endless YouTube videos and scrolling through overwhelming websites, simply watch our Success Seminars! They're delivered to you by a Cambridge medic with all you need to know to ace your BMAT and secure your dream university offers.​​

After watching our Success Seminars, you'll have an amazing foundation to start your BMAT revision with. Don't regret not getting these, you're going to be ahead of the competition (just like those who got our UCAT Success Seminars were ahead of their peers!

They'll boost you ahead of the competition for the low price of £5.99 for almost 2 hours of in-depth guidance!

BMAT model essay

BMAT Section 3 Essay Marking and FREE Model 4.5A Essay

It's hard to judge how well you're doing with your BMAT essays. A Little Patients is here to give you advice from an essay expert, who achieved an A* in A Level History and another A* in their EPQ.


With a wide base of knowledge in medical ethics and philosophy, we're happy to give you in-depth constructive advice with detailed commentary structure and tone.

We scored 4A in our essay, and know how to get you there too! 


We'll make sure to get detailed feedback back to you within 4 days. If you want a sample of our marking, please click below to download an example essay and sample feedback (for free)!


FREE 2022 Revision Timetable

Our revision timetable gives you a day by day view on what work you need to do to prepare for your BMAT. 

It's 6 and a half weeks long, so gives you the perfect amount of time to revise. In that time, you would have completed every single official paper, allowing you to be in the best state on your exam date.

Click the button below to get on track to acing your exam!

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We're here to help

Our Services

BMAT Success Seminars


  • The best way to begin your preparation

  • Section 1 Success Seminar

  • Section 2 Success Seminar

  • Section 3 Success Seminar

  • Almost 2 hours of exclusive content with everything you need to know about each section, saving you time 

  • Made by those who successfully completed the 2021 application cycle (and got 7.9, 6.9 and 4A in each section and got into Cambridge for medicine)

  • Package amounts to £3  per teaching hour!

  • All for the price of less than 2 coffees

1:1 BMAT Help Sessions

£26.99 for 1

£74.99 for 3

  • An intense hour of focused tuition

  • Highly individualised - 1:1 lessons lasting 1 hour each

  • Guidance from excelling tutors, led by a Cambridge medic who scored 7.9, 6.9 and 4A

  • We go through any part of the BMAT you'd like help with

  • Lessons are recorded for you to watch again

  • When booking multiple, let us know by typing how many (e.g. '3 hours') in the 'Additional Information' section of the order form.

Section 3 Essay Marking

£9.49 for 1 essay

£24.99 for 3 essays

  • Detailed feedback with constructive advice to score higher

  • From an essay expert who got: 4A in BMAT Section 3 (top 10%), A* in A Level History and A* in EPQ (only losing 1 mark)

  • Marked essays returned within 4 days, often sooner