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The interview is the final application hurdle to jump over, and it is vital to not lose the golden ticket to Medical School while it is still in sight. We have saved you the hassle of endless research by condensing our months of preparation into customized packages where we guide you to outshining your competition!


Check out our valuable guide to Virtual Interviews for 2021/2022 with the Junior Doctor!  We go through how to prepare, what formats to expect and our exclusive top tips.

To watch a Cambridge virtual mock medicine interview, check out this video! This also provides guidance for other interviews.

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'Overall, I feel the mock interviews I received were the best form of preparation for my medical school interviews.'


University Specific Mock Interviews

£21.99 for 1 or £79.99 for 4

  • Full interviews and feedback sessions

  • For students who want to be fully prepared

  • 4 full interviews and feedback sessions - 1 for each university or multiple for 1

  • Feedback document - an insight into how real university interviews will judge you, for you to look back at any time after our interview

  • From tutors who completed only the most recent application cycle - no outdated advice

  • Guidance specific to online interviews and post-COVID formats

  • Oxbridge simulated interviews available

  • Specific questions for each university - the most realistic and rigid resource you can get

  • Please let us know which you're applying to in the 'Additional Information' section after pressing 'Buy Now'

  • You must place an order at least 5 days before your interview so that we have time to make it university specific


Feedback Document Example

Check out our 2021 REALISTIC Cambridge Medicine Mock Interview and click below to see an example of the valuable feedback we'll give you after your mock interview with us (keep scrolling to order).