The Personal Statement

Universities use your personal statement as a direct insight into you as an individual. It doesn't diminish you to a set of grades and UCAT/BMAT scores. Before an interview, it's one of the few ways they assess your suitability for the role.

Let them see your best self, the self that will make an excellent student/doctor/dentist by signing up for our help.

How do universities use your Personal Statement?

Each university's requirements are different and so are their application processes. Some place a huge emphasis on your personal statement, using it to assess you during your interviews. They may also use it to shortlist you for interviews. However, some don't use it at all. To check we recommend this resource from the Medic Portal. Chances are, one of your 4 applications will need an impressive personal statement, so we're here to help.

What makes for good Personal Statement writing?

We help you keep your writing:

  • concise

  • reflective

  • impressive

  • professional

Our tutors' personal statements secured interviews at all of their universities. For an example of their concise and impactful writing, watch the video!

A general structure to help improve your writing

The Gibbs reflective cycle will enhance your personal statement. Tons of work experience doesn't make a good personal statement; good reflection makes a good personal statement. We reinforce this method in both our Super Statement Course and Super Statement review.

Gibbs cycle.png

How can A Little Patients help?

Our tutors have been through it all. With essay writing, personal statement mentoring and general tutoring experience we are fully equipped to help you reach your dream medical/dental school, including Oxbridge!

We leave no aspect untouched: structure, language, tone, buzzwords, avoiding clichés and so much more.

Our reviews will be sent to you just 4 days after you complete your order (if not less), so we can help you meet those tight turnarounds and UCAS deadlines.

Our services minimise you needing to send your PS to so many reviewers, so that you can avoid conflicting feedback and hear directly from successful applicants


It'll help eliminate PS stress before year 13 begins, so that you can focus on your entrance exams and A Levels.

We save you time

See how unlimited ALP reviews can transform your PS with this example:

What our Students Say

"I was initially feeling a bit skeptical because I was fearful that it wouldn’t help but once I attended they were 100% worth every penny. The support I was given by my tutor was very genuine and massively helped to alleviate a lot of my stress. "

We're here to help!

Our Services

2 Week Super Statement Course


  • Unlimited edits and advice on how to reflect with commentary on structure, language, tone, buzzwords, avoiding clichés etc.

  • Includes guidance for Oxbridge students from a Cambridge student (who have essay writing, personal statement mentoring and general tutoring experience).

  • Eliminate the stress of personal statement before year 13 starts

  • Be confident in a high quality personal statement from King’s College London and Cambridge med students


  • Highly affordable

  • Start date: 16/08/2022


Super Statement Review

£6.99 for 1 or £17.99 for 3 reviews 

  • Back within 4 days

  • In-depth detailed annotations on structure, language and tone,  from King’s College London and Cambridge med students (who have essay writing, personal statement mentoring and general tutoring experience).

  • Includes Oxbridge guidance 

  • For students not wanting to commit to the in-depth course

  • You do have to meet the character count before our review,  but we are happy to offer 1:1 tutoring to effectively cut characters whilst retaining value 

  • When you place the order, please mention if you are applying to Oxbridge in the additional information box