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There's no better way to start your practice than with A Little Patients. We have designed tailored packages based on our experience, with the goal of getting you into the top 10% (or even higher), like we did - average scores of 737.5 and 797.5 out of 900 respectively.


 With entrance exam scores making or breaking your chance at medical school, stand out amongst the fierce competition by scrolling below and choosing the best option for you!

FREE VR Success Seminar

Everything you need to know about Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning to score in the top 10%. Plus, a BONUS guide on managing your stress and planning your time throughout the medical application process

Including in-depth presentations where we cover:

  • Each style of VR & QR questions and how to approach them

  • Common mistakes to avoid

  • Techniques for faster reading, while picking up the key details, and faster calculations (for QR)

  • Example questions with a detailed walkthrough

  • Timeline of scores you should be achieving up to the exam

  • Lessons we learned from our UCAT experiences that will help you score way above average

'Gave me an INCREDIBLE foundation to start and I loved how detailed the videos were! You guys really didn’t do it in a rush and that really came through!'

Student who got into all their UCAT universities, scored 725 (top 8%)

FREE QR Success Seminar

We've split this one into 2 parts, both available for FREE on our YouTube channel! From our tutor who scored 900 in QR.

Medical Worker

'Incredible, individualised support. Provided a constant source of reassurance through the UCAT preparation ordeal.'

8 Week tuition student

Scored 780 (top 2%)

UCAT Tuition

4/6/8 Week Packages or Single Sessions

  • 2 days of live, virtual tuition per week

  • Individualised - made personal to what you're struggling with every week

  • Constant contact with your tutors (medical students who scored in the top 1% of their cohort)

  • Small group sessions (maximum 4 students) providing you with insight into the most difficult questions and a range of perspectives

  • Practice sessions, assessing progress at each checkpoint with tailored revision plans 

  • In-depth teaching from those who took the test during the 2021 application cycle

  • All Success Seminars included (over 3 hours of teaching)

  • We also give personalised advice leading up to your exam based on our test experience so you won't have to look anywhere else

  • Requires a UCAT question bank (e.g. Medify) membership 

  • Requires a booked UCAT exam (we recommend late August)

Book UCAT Tuition

Our Services

All UCAT Success Seminars


  • Verbal Reasoning Success Seminar

  • Decision Making Success Seminar

  • Quantitative Reasoning Success Seminar

  • Abstract Reasoning Success Seminar

  • Situational Judgement Success Seminar

  • Over 3 hours of exclusive content with everything you need to know about each section

  • Made by those who successfully completed the 2021 entry application cycle (scored 737.5 Band 1 and 797.5 Band 1 as an average respectively)

  • Package amounts to £2 per teaching hour!

  • All for the price of less than 2 coffees

4 Week 'Top 1%' UCAT Tuition


  • For those who are more confident with UCAT technique and need less tutoring

  • Less than £19 per teaching hour

  • 8 tuition sessions

  • Begins 18/07/2022


6 Week 'Top 1%' UCAT Tuition


  • Our most recommended option

  • Less than £17 per hour

  • 12 tuition sessions

  • Begins 04/07/2022


8 Week 'Top 1%' UCAT Tuition


  • For those who need as much guidance as possible

  • Less than £15 per hour

  • 16 tuition sessions

  • Begins 20/06/2022


1:1 'Top 1%' Session

£26.99 or 3 for £74.99

  • Highly individualised- 1:1

  • For those who need some guidance but do not want to commit to a 3/6/8 week package

  • We go through any part of the UCAT you'd like help with

When booking 3 hours, let us know by typing '3 hours' in the 'additional information' section of the order form.